Fathers in Action. Things wont change until we change.

Fathers working together for the betterment of fathers and our children. Fatherhood parenting skills, Child support information,
Employment readiness, Mentor services, custody and visitation strategies, Relationship building, Re-entry referrals, Fatherhood discussions and solutions.  

Give your children the things God wants for you.

Jeffery Threatt CEO

We can accomplish so much working together in unity

We have allowed Bad fatherhood practices to invade our homes and communities.

We have let our families and our communities down

We can accomplish so much working together in unity 

If we are willing to solve the issues that keep us in these bad conditions.

We fathers stand in the gap. Time to get together and do whats needed even if its a sacrifice, because thats what fathers do. 

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For assistance and support call us at 267-819-6447.or email at jthreat1@yahoo.com.

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In the times we have to accomplish all that we desire, a lot of us (fathers) have lost all sense of priority and the creative drive and care for who we procreate. We have given to destructive morals that by no way can support a healthy lifestyle or our relationships or children. My Family should not have to ride and die for my selfishness and irresponsibility. Challenge To all that think its just about you and to those who get it but are so afraid too busy to see another father gets it also. This can stop our children from killing each other because their Dad or some man they trusted failed them and told them if anyone disrespect, give a suggestion, helped when you need it, tell the truth about them selves, or just have more in life because they earned it. Those fathers who get it don't keep it share and save our families , children's lives and the community