Fathers in Action. Things wont change until we change.

Fathers working together for the betterment of fathers and our children. Fatherhood parenting skills, Child support information,
Employment readiness, Mentor services, custody and visitation strategies, Relationship building, Re-entry referrals, Fatherhood discussions and solutions.  

Give your children the things God wants for you..

Jeffery Threatt CEO

This is the safe part about being any type of Good Dad, you dont have to know everything. Thats why we come together at fathers in action Fathers helping fathers.  

Mission Statement

We at Fathers in Action support and assist fathers in becoming the best fathers they can be for their children and families. Giving them valuable information and oppurtunities,  to use to become successful in their lives as men and fathers.  

Check out our discussion page and interaction page coming soon. Speak out about all topics the pertain to us, Fathers and fatherhood is critcal our families are dying and only we can save them. The Take Action Page(last Page in the more link).

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For assistance and support call us at 267-819-6447.or email at [email protected]
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Fathers In Action is doing all we can to keep ourseleves and family members safe in the onset of the Cornavirus. We stress that you and your family do the basic things to keep safe. Hand washing, social distancing, not particapating in large crowds and Isolating if testing is positive. Not to panic because this will only cause your children and others to have serious emotional and metal scares.  

There is an old proverb of unknown origin that speaks of a man who has fallen in a hole and sees no way out. He hollers for help, and eventually a rugged man walks by and, upon hearing the man’s plea and seeing his predicament, tells the man that he needs to pick himself up by the bootstraps and find a way out on his own, before going on his way. 

A holy man walks by and hears the man’s desperate cry. He tells him that he will say a prayer for him that he will find his way out and then scurries off. Finally, an ordinary man walks by the hole and sees the first man and his situation. He listens to the man’s plea for help. Then, without warning, the ordinary man jumps down into the hole with the first man. “Why did you do that?” the first man asks. The ordinary man replies, “Because I have been in this hole before, and I know the way out.”