If we don't change nothing will change!! .

                        Fathers In Action Fatherhood Organization

We serve all Fathers, child support, family court, re-entry, employment readiness, personal developement, Fatherhood parenting  

About fathers in action.

Mission Statement

We at Fathers in Action support and assist fathers in becoming the best fathers they can be for their children and families. Giving them valuable information and oppurtunities  to use to become successful in their lives as men and fathers.  

We at fathers in action celebrate Fatherhood. We support the good and valuable change and growth of fathers as they work hard to become the best men and fathers they can be. This benefits themselves, families and communities.

We mentor and we support young men and young fathers present, and to be. We offer Life changing workshops and incentives in the becoming greater men and fathers. Mentor support 24/7 just call and connect. Workshops that show you the value of you in a childs life and how to be a great DaD. 

The second we understand that we are already blessed, we will stop looking for a blessing and be a blessing.

Child support - Is not just money It's clothing, medical, food, housing, protecting, emotional support, and positive presence with your children.

Family services -  things you do for and with your children.

Personal development - Placing yourself in a positive position to be responsible for yourself and your family.

Our Vision is for all children to have fathers who are consistantly and progressively building a secure foundation for their children and their familys future. 

Our Purpose is to support fathers with valuable resources and Information for them to use to become successful as men and Fathers.

Our Goal is to engage and impact as many fathers young and old and help produce competent, conscience, nurturing fathers in many communities