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What involved fathers look like...

* Helping children thrive.

* Allowing women and girls to achieve their full potential now and in future generations.

* Creating sons that become happy and healthy men.

* note:Involved fatherhood is not equal to motherhood involvement.

* Engaging men - in ways that women want - such as showing up early for  prenatal visits being early or on time for the childbirth and staying  after birth of a child can bring lasting benefits.

* Involved fathers work to break the cycle of violence in their homes and communities.

* note: Working fathers helping other fathers brings economic benefits to homes and communities.

Check out more helpful Dad tips and Info Below!!

Helpful Dad Tips!

Master Nurturer

1. Encourages his children

2. Listens to his children.

3. Avoids negative comments.

4. Avoids negative labels.

5. Focuses on teaching his children.

6. Always checking to see if what he's doing is good parenting.

Enjoy being the greatest father for your children.


We have online and one on one mentor service. On this page below you can reach out to us for questions or anything else relating to fatherhood, you might need our help with. Mothers are also welcome too! 


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Tips for Children's Christmas Tip

#1 Don't forget or miss Christmas.

#2 Always build up the excitement a few

days before to show them that it is just as important to you as it is to them.

#3 Be honest with your kids, don't make promises and not follow through.

#4 Give them your best and God will do the rest. This tip could really be a game changer.

#5 Most of all let your child know that the

birth of Jesus is one of the most important

days of our lives. God Bless. 

Words of Advice

Great fathers keep motivated, not just something to do but they have goals. These Dads measure their progress and make changes to their lives and their families They look for the good in life and pursue it. We help fathers to help their children and other fathers. We don't look at anyone as if they are not good fathers, but we all can do better for our families and ourselves.

The State of the world's Fathers

The report states that out of all the men in the world 80% will become Fathers. We must do everything we can to engage these new fathers and support them in being involved consistently in their children's lives. 

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