If we don't change nothing will change!! .

                        Fathers In Action Fatherhood Organization

We serve all Fathers, child support, family court, re-entry, employment readiness, personal developement, Fatherhood parenting  

Great fathers keep motivated, not just something to do but they have goals. These Dads measure their progress and make changes to their lives and their families They look for the good in life and pursue it. We help fathers to help their children and other fathers.  We don't look at anyone as if they are not good fathers, but we all can do better for our families and ourselves. 

Enjoy being the greatest father for your children.

We have a online and one on one mentor service. On the contact page you can contact us for questions or other things you might need to help you in being a father. Mothers are also invited. Contact us on box below this section. Feel free help us help you. 

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Master Nurturer

 1. Encourages his children

 2. Listens to his children.

 3. Avoids negative comments.

 4. Avoids negative labels.

 5. Focuses on teaching his children.

 6. Always checking to see if he is doing good parenting.

The State of the world's Father's

The report states that out of all the men in the world 80% will become Fathers. 
We must do everything we can to engage these new fathers and support them in being involved consistently in their children's lives.
* Involved fatherhood helps children thrive.
* Involved fatherhood allows Women and girls to achieve their full potential now and in future generations
* Involved fatherhood makes men happier and healthier
* Involved fatherhood does not equal motherhood involvement that is a big mistake fathers can change.
* Engaging men - in ways that women want - early on prenatal visits, in childbirth, and immediately after birth of a child can bring lasting benefits.
* Involved fatherhood also most include the efforts to break the cycle of violence in our homes and communities
* Working  fathers helping other fathers brings economic benefits to homes and our communities. 
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Tips for Childrens Christmas   Tip  #1 don't forget or miss it. Tip #2 Always build up a few days before to show them that you feel it is just as important to you too. Tip #3 Do not, do not promise and not do. Tip #4 Give them your best and God will do the rest. This tip could really be a game changer.  Tip #5  Most of all let your child know that Birth of Jesus  is one of the most important days of our lives. God Bless.