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Words of Scripture

"Jesus said, Everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" (John 13:35).

How do we put that love into action?

  • Serve one another

(The Lord modeled this when He washed His disciple's feet) 

  • Be patient with one another

(This is possible because of the Spirit’s presence in us)

  • Be courteous to one another

(Even if someone is disagrees, or are difficult treat them with gentleness and love)

  • Set an example for one another

 ( In speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity (1 Timothy 4:12)

  • Forgive one another because God forgave us. 

( If we do not extend forgiveness, God will not forgive your sins (Matthew 6:15).

  • We are not to judge one another, that is the Lord’s job.

 (We may be called to rebuke or reprove in love, but we are not to judge)

  • Be subject one to another.

(That will mean not always having things our way all the time, we are to encourage and build up our brothers and sisters in Christ)

  • Pray for one another.

(What a privilege to come before the Lord on another’s behalf.)

Words of Advice 

Point # 1

 As we grow and learn what God's plan is for our lives we get more confident and more acute with our gifts. Just like God knows us we also know our children. Not just in habits and behaviors but also biologically, (you are the baby Daddy). You heard about mothers instinct well there is a father instinct too. If you feel unsure about having children and being in relationship at this moment in your life, it's time for you to get honest with yourself and God.


Point # 2

 If you do produce a child its a gift from God and if your unsure about the child being yours it's your responsibility to find out. Get tested or go see the baby don't miss out on your blessing! It may seem terrifying but, children are not as scary as they seem. What is scary is a hurt and confused (baby momma) mother of a child with no father to help rear them.

Point # 3

 It's only right you are in your child/children life(s), you laid down with the mom to help make them, now pick up your responsibility. If we are men then we must live as men, men honor God and take care of their children. Men do not disrespect the child's mother or themselves. Real men are real fathers. God Bless  

Book Knowledge

I have had the opportunity to read both of these books and recommend them to any father.

Honoring A Father

 R.I.P. Thomas J. Threatt (01/26/33 to 10/29/15)

I just want to give honor and respect to my father. He was a Provider, encourager, great grandfather. A good man who cared about a lot of people especially his family. We will sorely love and miss him. May God bless him and let him in his rest.

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