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Personal Development/Personal Growth

Personal development or Personal Growth are very important for everyone but as a father it is a vital part of raising and caring for your children and without it we can't move forward or give our children the tools they need to succeed in this world. 

Humans Needs

There are 6 human needs. We all have them and our lives are evolve around them.

1. Certainty/security

( having safety in our lives or things we can count on)

2. Variety ( the unexpected, Excitement of Change)

3. Significance ( the need to feel important or special)

4. Love and connection ( family, significant other. popular skills, being apart of something)

5. Growth (In knowledge, In experience, or spiritually)

6. Contribution (usefulness giving beyond self)

Words of Advice 


My father always told me "If I could not take care of myself how can I take care of children?" The most important thing I learned was that taking care of me and my issues made it better for my children to have direction and hope for a good life. Check yourself be for you wreck yourself and everyone else.


Being free to think and ask questions to men who have been in your shoes. It helps a lot when it comes to your own personal development. It's hard work but the benefits are great. Your family will really be proud of you, and you will better understand the man and father you are.

**Other supportive programs**

We also recommend a community recovery program called "Narcotics Anonymous 12 steps program"

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