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Take Action Page: This page is to connect fathers in the community with one another and give everyone a platform to support, encourage and help each other. Each week will have a topic for you to comment on, to submit a response please write in the contact form below and we will post your response on the "Take Action" page! (Note: Be respectful to everyone, any responses with profanity, vulgar languages, or with the intention of intimidating or harassing others will not be posted) Below is a template examples of what the topic and response will look like. 

Topic# 1

Weekly time limit: 2/09/2000-2/14/2000


Name: Bob (note: nick names are fine, no profanity or vulgar language please)

Date: 2/10/2000

"Hello everyone my name is Bob and I....


Name: John

Date: 2/11/2000

" Good Afternoon everyone. Bob I agree with your comment..."


Name: Peter

Date: 2/14/2000

" Bob I disagree with your comment you made...."


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Encouragement and Support 

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