Fathers in Action. Things wont change until we change.

Fathers working together for the betterment of fathers and our children. Fatherhood parenting skills, Child support information,
Employment readiness, Mentor services, custody and visitation strategies, Relationship building, Re-entry referrals, Fatherhood discussions and solutions.  

Father Testimonials

Things you don't see everyday.

Jeffery Threatt

This is a great opportunity to help and give back to a community that is going through a complete change. The negative attitudes and prospective about family and life has to be check and a fresh Idea has to be modeled and implanted and practiced for success. 

 Slater Children

Single Mom
My name is Cinquetta Slater. I am grateful that fathers in action is supporting me and my children. The men and Mr Threatt have help give me and my family a vision of how and what a decent man and father is. Thank You Fathers in Action we love you.

Leon Jackson

Hello my name is Leon Jackson and I have been a Mentor and volunteer for fathers in action for over three years.. I found a place of help and now I'm giving back because of the fathers who need support like I did.